Tenderising machine


Tenderising machine

Meat, poultry and fish products are processed selectively under vacuum, in the rotating drum of the MGH-20. The machine works fully automatic after a programme has been entered. Cuts of meat are carefully processed and kneaded in the drum. The meat or fish becomes very tender under vacuum during programme intervals and the marinades, oils and seasonings penetrate right into the centre of the meat to produce a considerable improvement in quality as far as taste and tenderness of the products are concerned.

By the penetration of additives the loss in weight is considerably reduced and the final product is juicy and looks really good. Your customers will much appreciate a loss in weight reduced by 15-18 % .

Due to the versatile optional equipment, the machine pictures shown may contain deviations. If you have questions, please contact us.

technical data
  • dimension: 500 x 330 x 500 mm
  • drum volume: 20 l
  • filling quantity: approx. 10 kg
  • total weight: 20 kg
  • supply voltage: 230 V
  • connected load: 0,8 A
  • power: 100 W
  • vacuum: 0,75 bar
  • continuous vacuum or interval
  • manual adjustment

computer control with 36 programmes with following parameters:

1. pre-selection time: 99 hours / 59 minutes
2. working time in the pre-selection time: h/min
3. total time: 99 h / 59 min
4. working time
5. pause time

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