Catering Mixing Machine


Catering Mixing Machine ESK 250 STL-C

For applications in big kitchens and canteens, the VAKONA Energy-Saving Cooling Tumbler was equipped with a turbo mixer. Additionally the machine has the possibility to automatically and program controlled fill in water to the bowl.

Especially for clumping products based on cold-swelling starches, such as creamed potatoes or white and dark basic sauces, the turbo mixer with variable adjustable mixing speed in addition with the mixing arm offers a powerful mixing unit, which guarantees a clot-free and standardized product.

The possibility of operating the machine without the turbo mixer allows the accurate mixing of very sensitive products and dishes, for example poultry, fish, fine foods, salads, mueslis, dairy products and all kinds of foodstuff. With the installed cooling and vacuum system this machine also enables you to marinade your meat products overnight, thus will increase the tenderness of your meat products significant. Due to our high vertical range of manufacture we are able to comply all customer wishes and provide every customer a tailor made machines with the required equipment and size.

Due to the versatile optional equipment, the machine pictures shown may contain deviations. If you have questions, please contact us.

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