Energy saving cooling

tumbler ESK®

designed for your requirements

Capacity of the energy saving cooling tumbler ESK®

ESK 100 STL100 L10 – 70 kg
ESK 150 STL150 L10 – 110 kg
ESK 220 STL220 L25 – 160 kg
ESK 250 STL250 L25 – 180 kg
ESK 300 STL300 L25 – 210 kg
ESK 400 STL400 L25 – 280 kg
ESK 550 STL550 L50 – 385 kg
ESK 850 STL850 L50 – 600 kg
ESK 1200 STL1200 L100 – 950 kg
ESK 1500 STL1500 L150 – 1150 kg
Due to the versatile optional equipment, the machine pictures shown may contain deviations. If you have questions, please contact us.
dimensions / weight

Attention: All given data are guide values, depending on the product.

Due to the high versatility of optional equipment and modification of the VAKONA energy saving cooling tumbler, please contact us for further technical information, dimensions and weight.

Dimensions and Technical Data – Technical alterations are subject to change – Exact mounting dimensions should be obtained.