Fine Foods Mixing Machine

FM 300–500

Fine Foods Mixing Machine FM 300-500

VAKONA Fine Foods Mixing Machines are designed for use in the production of delicatessen and fine foods. They are suitable for mixing and blending of all kind of food, for example salads, meat, fish, poultry, as well as the production of convenience products.

The machines captivate with a high user-friendliness, which is achieved by their easy operation and simple cleaning. A huge individualization of the machines is reached by a wide range of equipment options, in order to achieve the highest possible degree of customer-specific product optimization.

Standard equipment:
  • Rotation speed of the arm variable adjustable
  • Mixing arm incl. removable scraper with press button system
  • Electrical tilting of the bowl
  • Lid operation with operator assistance
Optional equipment:
  • Computer control unit
  • Touch screen control
  • Automatic bowl tilting and positioning system
  • Various filling system for additives
  • Various unloading systems
  • Tailor-made mixing arm systems, according to customer specifications
  • Polished processing bowl
  • Hydraulic loading system or mast type loading system for 200 litre loading trolleys
  • Gear motor with variable adjustable speed
  • Electrical lid operation
  • Various designs

All components which come in contact with the product conform to FDA guidelines.

Capacity of the Fine Foods Mixing Machine FM

FM 6060 L5 – 40 kg
FM 100100 L10 – 75 kg
FM 125125 L10 – 90 kg
FM 150150 L15 – 110 kg
FM 220220 L25 – 160 kg
FM 250250 L25 – 180 kg
FM 300300 L25 – 210 kg
FM 350350 L25 – 245 kg
FM 400400 L25 – 280 kg
FM 500500 L50 – 350 kg
FM 750750 L50 – 525 kg
FM 850850 L50 – 600 kg
FM 12001200 L100 – 950 kg
FM 15001500 L150 – 1150 kg
FM 18001800 L200 – 1350 kg
Due to the versatile optional equipment, the machine pictures shown may contain deviations. If you have questions, please contact us.
dimensions / weight

Attention: All given data are guide values, depending on the product. Due to the high versatility of optional equipment and modification of the VAKONA fine foods mixing machines, please contact us for further technical information, dimensions and weight.

Dimensions and Technical Data – Technical alterations are subject to change – Exact mounting dimensions should be obtained.

All types of the Fine Foods Mixing Machine FM

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