Pickle injector

PI 54-105

Pickle injector PI 54-105

The automatic brine injectors are specially designed
for the requirements of the industry.

Their outstanding features are:

  • Rugged construction
  • Compact design
  • High injection accuracy
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to clean

All process data and functions are handled via touch screen operator panel.

Standard equipment:
  • Easy operation and ergonomic industrial design
  • Direct drive via servo technology
  • Precision needle heads with quick change (release) needle-bridge-system
  • Complete separation of pump cycle from all electromechanic components
  • Product related pump selection
  • Pre-filter system electronically supervised
  • Automatic rotary filter units
  • Process parameters infinitely variable
  • Special conveyor from polyethylene, easy to remove for sanitation
  • touch-screen control with:
    • 100 memory spaces for recipe storage
    • Infinitely variable stroke height selection
    • Number of strokes up to 50 st/min
    • Automatic stand by mode for needle head and brine circulation
    • Highest injection precision supported by position controlled brine valve
  • Injection pattern variable via automatic belt positioning
  • Automatic sanitation programUSB/Ethernet and CAN-Bus standard
  • Optional dynamic stroke modeIndividual pneumatic tension control

Dimensions and technical data of the pickle injector PI

PI 54PI 75PI 105PI 81PI 124PI 184
Injection needles547510581124184
Length1750 mm1750 mm1750 mm2250 mm2250 mm2250 mm
Width860 mm860 mm 860 mm1120 mm1120 mm
Height2200 mm 2200 mm2200 mm2400 mm2400 mm2400 mm
Length of conveyor belt365 mm365 mm365 mm480 mm480 mm480 mm
Length of conveyor belt74/37/24,5 mm74/37/24,5 mm74/37/24,5 mm90/45/30 mm90/45/30 mm90/45/30 mm
Max. product clearance220 mm220 mm220 mm220 mm220 mm220 mm
Working height1130 mm 1130 mm 1130 mm1150 mm1150 mm1150 mm
Connected load7,0 kW7,0 kW7,0 kW14,5 kW14,5 kW14,5 kW
Due to the versatile optional equipment, the machine pictures shown may contain deviations. If you have questions, please contact us.

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